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i enjoy frowning at pictures of darren criss, and crying over blaine anderson.

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@DarrenCriss: Annnnd last but certainly not least at all, @Beyonce is #Flawless .

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In the finale Ron says, “You two like to hold hands and jump off of cliffs together,” and I thought that was really sweet and really true. It’s a great thing to see on TV: a couple you’re rooting for that is unafraid of challenges. Instead, they want to go head first into them together. They’re both nerds and both a little weird, and it’s nice to have this relationship that is really, really solid, and will hopefully be able to withstand whatever challenges stand in its way. — Adam Scott

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shay mitchell for esquire philippines

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The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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I feel like an artist
Who's lost his touch
He likes himself in his art
But not his art too much


NEW VIDEO: “Getting Intimate With Darren Criss

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❝I cannot stand being misunderstood.❞
(Darren Criss on his biggest fear (x)

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